What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture is a direct connection between a local farmer and the people who eat the food they produce. At the core of CSA is mutual commitment: communities of eaters commit to supporting a local farmer for a season. In return, CSA participants receive fresh, seasonal produce—sharing in the inherent risks and the bountiful benefits of farming.

Community Supported Agriculture: An Alternative

CSAs provide an alternative model to our current system of agriculture. We’ve all purchased vegetables from the piles of flawless produce at the grocery store. But do we know where that food comes from? What country was that tasteless winter tomato grown in? Who grew that tomato? Does it contain genetically modified organisms? It is usually impossible to answer these questions, to trace our vegetables from farm to table. But CSAs can reconnect us with our food—providing a tangible, hopeful solution. CSAs promote fair wages for farm workers, environmental stewardship, economic sustainability, and strong communities.