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What’s on the Shelves?

Tortillas & Flour 

Tortilla Lady

Anyone who has been in Flagstaff long enough knows that the Tortilla Lady makes the best tortillas and gorditas in the town. Tortillas are handmade daily. If you are lucky you can get a package while they are still warm, because the company is located right here in Flagstaff.

Hayden Flour Mills

Hayden flour mills sources local, organically grown wheat varietals and mills them on site in Queen Creek.Eggs


Our eggs all come from local, small family farms or Flagstaff backyard chicken runs! All of the eggs are free range, cage-free, and delivered fresh.

Each vendor varies in their chicken feed. Please ask us more about each farm next time you’re in!

Organic Chicken Eggs

Kvam Farm -Flagstaff, AZ 

Forestdale Farm- Flagstaff, AZ


Arizona Cheese Company

Arizona Cheese Company is a Tempe, Arizona based cheese producer. The United Dairymen of Arizona source dairy from all of Arizona is transported to their state of the art facility to be pasteurized and processed into cheese curds (squeaky cheese), cheddar, pepper jack, and monterey jack.

With only three ingredients (All Natural, 100% Fresh Cultured Grade A Arizona Milk, Salt & Enzymes), who could resist cutting into a block? Arizona Cheese Company Tempe, AZ480-968-3992   

Olive Oil

Queen Creek Olive Oil

Queen Creek Olive Mill

Who knew that just 185 miles down the mountain an olive orchard existed? The Queen Creek Olive Mill is Arizona’s only producer of extra virgin olive oil. The orchard boast 16 different varieties of olive, none of them are genetically modified. Queen Creek Olive Mill pesticide free orchards are sustainably watered through drip systems. The farm composts all organic matter into growing medium for the other herbs and spices used in the production of flavored oils. Whatever produce they cannot grow is purchased from other local farmers and growers.