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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a direct connection between a local farmer and the people who eat the food they produce. By joining a CSA, you commit to supporting a local farmer for a season. In return, you receive fresh, seasonal produce— and share in the inherent risks and the bountiful benefits of farming.

CSAs: An Alternative

CSAs provide an alternative to our current system of agriculture. We’ve all purchased vegetables from the piles of  produce at the grocery store. But do we know where that food comes from? It is usually impossible to answer specific questions about those vegetables, or to trace their journey to your table. CSAs reconnect you with your food—providing a tangible link to local farmers, and the land where the food was grown. They create a flexible way for small farmers to make a living, provide healthy food, preserve farm land, foster environmental stewardship, and create community.

How our CSA Works


Members of a CSA commit to support a farm (or group of farmers) for a season. We organize CSAs year round with three “seasons” to join: Winter, Spring, and Summer/Fall. Each week of the season, or every other week, depending on your CSA share, you would receive 7-9 items. Vegetables and fruits are chosen for each week depending on what is ready to harvest. Members pick up their shares every Wednesday, or every other Wednesday, if they are half-share members.  We allow late-signups each season, so anyone can join the CSA at any time.