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Turkey Pre-Orders Nov 2020

We are taking pre-orders for turkeys from Ridgeview Farm. They will be delivered fresh on Nov 24 the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Ridgeview Farm “Home of the Happy Chicken”, raises and promotes fresh healthy chickens and turkeys that provide an excellent meal choice for you and your family. At Ridgeview Farms, poultry is raised in a humane, stress free environment. They have a constant supply of fresh water and enjoy the freedom of being outside in the sunshine and eating up nature’s offerings. There is a steady supply of fresh feed which is formulated and mixed at the farm. Because Ridgeview uses organic certified vitamins and minerals, and no animal by-products, antibiotics or other non-natural feed additives, Ridgeview Farms is able to provide tender, tastier, healthy chicken and turkeys.

This year’s turkeys will be in the 16-25 lbs. range, we cannot guarantee a weight but we will do our best to get close to your request. The price is $5.50 per pound. The turkeys will arrive fresh, 1-3 days before Thanksgiving. We will let you know the date when the turkeys will be available to pick up.