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How To Pick Up your Share

We will continue to offer exclusively curbside service on Thursdays, and we hope to create the most efficient and safe pick up protocol for shareholders and staff.

We are asking all members to form a pick up line (similar to a drive thru.) This line will run directly adjacent to the building, across the empty parking spots, with the front of the line next to the front door of the CSA, and the tail snaking around the back of the building and towards the large dumpsters in the parking lot.

All cars will file in this line. There will be no need for texting or calling when you arrive.

The very first car spot in line is in a blind spot for us while inside the building, so if you are the first and only one in line and no one has greeted you for a few minutes, please give us a light tap on your car horn.

Please have your trunk or back door open for us, and we will put the share directly in. We can also place your share on the hood of your car. (We are asking shareholders not to ask us to open/touch the doors ourselves.)

It will be very helpful if you can write your full name on a large piece of paper, and bring it with you to show us from your vehicle, so we can mark you down accurately without having to come to your window.

For Bike and Pedestrian Pick Ups: Please queue up (at 6 foot distance from each other) in front of the building on the sidewalk. We will place your share on the sidewalk.

For Shareholders placing orders in addition to their shares: the pick up procedure will be the same as above. Please wait to pick up until you have received a call from us confirming your order and collecting payment.

Thank you for your support!