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Jun 30th

Vendor Highlights: Claudine’s Kitchen and Tree of Life Teas

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v“Situated between the east and the west, Lebanon is a culinary and cultural crossroads. Lebanon is located on the eastern most shore of the Mediterranean in the Fertile Crescent, where western civilization is said to have begun. Claudine’s Kitchen is a family based business, located in Glendale, AZ  that features homemade and authentic Lebanese Cuisine. The making of our food is a state of harmony and love where passion and generosity meet to offer you always fresh and authentic taste. All the products are handmade, fresh with no preservatives.” Please visit their webpage  for more info!

Tree of Life Teas is a world company, filling empty cups with Rooibus tea in Africa, Europe, and the US. Their emphasis on sustainable, organic, socially/environmentally friendly practices puts this tea-seller on the top of any responsible connoisseur’s list. Their “Master Mixer” (what a fun title!) is highly experienced at blending various elements and has perfected a flavor without compromising the myriad health benefits of Rooibus. May your cups never run dry!