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Sep 16th

Raw Goat Milk and Cheese

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GoatsNew Hope Dairy Farm in Chino Valley is excited to offer a variety of delicious raw goat products. All of her goats are hand-milked daily and fed a high-quality diet of alfalfa hay and grain. Her herd is comprised of purebred Nubian, Toggenberg, and LaMancha goats. They are tested each year for CAE and CL disease, and only use organic dewormers. If you’d like more info or to place an order please email Kayla at or call her at 928.830.7919.


$5 – 1 gallon of milk 

$8/lb. plain goat cheese

$10/lb. for herbed cheese

The Goat Dairy Drop-Off will be taking place on Saturday, Oct. 5th at the Maverick Gas Station past the Mall on 89A. Kayla will be there around 10am. She’ll send a reminder to those of you who’ve ordered. Thanks for supporting local dairy farmers!