How to Place & Pick Up Orders at Flag CSA During COVID 19

Thank you all for following our ordering and pick-up guidelines! We hope to create the most efficient and safe pick-up protocol for customers and staff.

Placing an order with the CSA is easy: first, check out the “What’s in Stock” page on our website here.

Next, send us a text at our text-only line 928-543-9803 with your order. If you have any specific questions please give us a call on our landline 928-213-6948. If you don’t have a cell phone, feel free to email your order to

We will call you when we have your order ready and collect payment over the phone.

When picking up the order, please form a pick up line (similar to a drive thru.) This line will run directly adjacent to the building, across the empty parking spots, with the front of the line next to the front door of the CSA, and the tail snaking around the back of the building and towards the large dumpsters in the parking lot.

All cars will file in this line. Please call us at 928-213-6948 when you’re close to the front of the line and we will bring out your order.

Please have your trunk open, and we will put your order directly in. We can also place your order on the hood of your car.

If you’re picking up your order on a Thursday (a busy share pick-up day) please note that there is about a 2 hour delay for each order, and we will call you when it’s ready. Please wait to arrive until we call you to confirm your order and collect payment.

For Bike and Pedestrian Pick-Ups: Please queue up (at 6 foot distance from each other) in front of the building on the sidewalk. We will place your order on the sidewalk.

We are updating this from last week to make sure we serve everyone (and see everyone) in the order that they arrive, and to bring orders out in the most efficient way. Thank you for continuing to order from the CSA and thank you for observing our pick-up procedures.