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Green Groups of Flagstaff Create Calendar

Coordinated by Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, the Doris Duke Conservation Fellows program at NAU, the Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences and Policy, and the NAU Landscape Conservation Initiative, the meeting enabled attendees to learn more about the different groups operating locally, as well as provided opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. In addition, groups were introduced to the Flagstaff Green Calendar and encouraged to start using it to publicize their events and activities.

The Flagstaff Green Calendar, developed by Ethos 7 web designers, aims to promote public participation and involvement in environmentally focused events and to increase communication among event organizers to reduce time conflicts by providing a one-stop location for all green activities.

Melissa Meno, SEDI’s (Sustainability Economic Development Initiative) Sustainability Program Manager who attended the meeting commented, “the Green Calendar is a great idea and can be an effective tool for group communication about sustainability news and events in the community”.

“Whether it is showing up for a trail cleanup day, remembering to sign a petition for something you believe in, or attending a talk about local gardening, for example, the Green Calendar can really promote a livable community,” said Moran Henn, Friends of Flagstaff’s Future Development and Programs Director. Friends of Flagstaff’s Future have been working with donors, NAU, and the web design team on developing the calendar and hosting the Gathering of Green Groups meetings. “We are really excited that the calendar is finally live! We wanted to create an easy, user friendly, and most importantly free calendar and thanks to a strong community support, we were able to achieve that,” said Cynthia Pardo, Friends of Flagstaff’s Future Outreach and Administrative Coordinator.

Now that it is live and populated, all it needs is Flagstaff residents and visitors to start using it in order to learn about all the great green activities and events Flagstaff has to offer! You can view the Calendar at

May 27, 2012