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Jul 28th

Vendor Highlight: Ramona Farms

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This excerpt is taken from the wonderful Ramona Farms website: Ramona writes, “My father, Francisco ‘Chiigo’ Smith, an O’dham farmer, grew many traditional crops on my mother Margaret’s ten acre allotment located near Sacaton, on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Arizona. My mother was an herbalist and traditional healer. My father grew corn, chiles, tepary beans, […]

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Jul 6th

Vendor Highlights

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Epicurean Season Pasta Sauce is fresh and easy to love! Epicurean Season believes that without great people there would not be great food, and they pride themselves on using the finest ingredients from particular regions that foster strong connections to their products. Stone Grindz offers raw chocolates, energy bars, and nut butters. Their lively website reminds us […]

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Jul 5th

Get Your Fruit On

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Apricots, plums, and early apples are in the store! Fresh from Marilyn’s Orchard, you don’t want to miss these tasties!

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Jul 1st

No More Pick-up on Fridays!

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We are transitioning away from offering weekly pick-ups on Fridays; for the next few weeks we will be flexible to allow for the transition. After that we will not have it as an option anymore. Keeping the integrity of the produce is a real challenge for us in the summer months and we have expanded […]

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